Big Data Made Easy
Introducing  Quantale  - an easy to use end-to-end big data solution

Data Ready Platform

Import data into the platform easily from multiple sources helping you get started easily


High Speed Data Analytics

Dedicated data pipeline provides real-time data processing for time crucial analyses


Data Backed Decision Making

Decision making made easy with the help of blazing fast beautiful data dashboards


An end-to-end solution to every analytics need

All features packed in one platform to make Business Intelligence accessible to businesses of every size

  • Use Data Connectors to source data from the internet or import your own data, we got everything covered
  • Gain valuable data insights using powerful built-in ML and AI tools
  • Designed with usability in mind, it’s intuitive and easy to use
  • Discover data easily using blazing fast analytics and vizualizations

Features designed for you

We have created an intelligent tool loaded with features that will make data analytics seem like a cake walk.

Performs enterprise Business intelligence

One stop solution for performing business intelligence to stay ahead of the curve.

Helps with Real Time data collection

Quantale is developed with modularity in mind and lets you add custom data sources with ease

Integrated with high speed, ETL data pipeline

Integrated with infinitely scalable ETL(Kafka, Spark/Hadoop) data pipeline which can process billions of data points every day in real-time.

Ships with commonly used ML and AI algorithms

Ships with commonly used Machine Learning algorithms such as Sentiment analytics, Topic Modelling, Image recognition, Data summarization, along with custom made algorithms.

Dashboard for really fast Search & Aggregation

Makes the final data available in aesthetically pleasing dashboards for blazing fast search and aggregation.

Generates notifications based on triggers

Lets you create triggers such as mention of certain keywords and notifies you in realtime in case of variations in trend..

How it Works

Quantale is simple, super-fast and highly customizable. In just a few clicks, Quantale starts monitoring the targeted platforms for the search parameters, analyzes the data and makes it available on an aesthetically pleasing dashboard for blazing-fast data discovery.
Data Ingestion
Data Analysis
Data Discovery

Experience Data like never before

Our platform lets user extract data or stream their own data for analytics and management.

  • Data Sourcing is expensive so the platform comes with enough pre-integrated data sources
  •   Quantale   can perform Real Time Data Extraction for crucial operations
  • Scalable Architecture - From 1 billion data points to a 100, we got it all covered

Machine Learning without writing a single line of  code

Get more out of your data with our platform which lets you enhance it

  • Take advantage of the built-in ML and AI directly from the UI
  • Modular Architecture allows for easy integration of custom models
  • Supports a variety of commonly used programming languages and frameworks

Leverage the power of data in Decision Making

Experience the true power of data and use it to make smarter decisions

  • Alets and Triggers provides peace of mind for you by informing you at the right time
  • Take pro-active steps to mitigate crisis than to react to one by early data discovery
  • Use our aesthetically pleasing dashboards or use API to take data home, get unmatched flexibility

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